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HMS Vision

A diverse community of lifelong learners who excel and positively contribute to an advancing global society.

The HMS Vision using Schools To Watch criteria and National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform. 



Hawthorne Middle School is striving to be sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence by providing creativity and the development of student social skills and a supportive environment. We will use socially appropriate and relevant curriculum, including projects, collaboration, cooperative learning and service opportunities for all. Creating an environment where students, parents, and staff have voices and choices.



All students will achieve academic excellence. Teachers will communicate expectations clearly and challenge students academically. The school will involve parents in the curriculum and the staff will collaborate to facilitate multi-disciplinary areas. We will use a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse students. Student learning will be evident through student assessments. We are dedicated to providing a variety of programs to foster growth amongst our students so that each and every one of them can attain excellence. The Hawthorne Middle School staff is a dedicated professional community.



Hawthorne Middle School strives to maintain a learning community that values diversity and embraces all cultures. We create opportunities that provide universal access for all students through differentiated instruction based on students’ learning styles. Our staff is dedicated to the implementation of a consistent and comprehensive support system that assists our students and families.  



We at Hawthorne Middle School strive for constant improvement that propels the school forward with the responsibility to make things happen and have the will to persevere in school improvement. We will offer the opportunity for reflection, collaboration, and rich content in professional development which supports the development of lifelong learners. We will work collaboratively to bring coherence to the curriculum and hold the school community accountable for student success. We will utilize data analysis to promote and improve academic accountability.