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Organization of School


On occasion student miss school because of a family trip/emergency during the school year. When this occurs, we request that the student, his/her parents, and his/her teachers sign an Independent Study Contract with the school. This process must be complete before the intended absence. The procedure for implementing an Independent Study Contract is as follows:

  • Parent sends a note to school stating the dates of the intended absences and the reason for the absence a week in advance.
  • The Attendance Clerk will give an Independent Study Contract to the student who will give the form to each of his/her teachers to sign.
  • After getting all teacher signatures, students are to return to the Attendance Clerk at the beginning of sixth period.
  • The student and his/her parent must then sign the contract.
  • Upon returning from his/her trip, the student will turn in all of his/her work to the Attendance Clerk in the office. The office will verify completion of the Independent Study Contract and notify each teacher.
  • Credit will be given in attendance and each subject area after verification of completion.



Administration of prescribed medication for pupils: If you are required to take, during the regular school day, any medication prescribed for you by a physician, bring the medication and written directions from the doctor and a note from your parent or guardian to the health aide. Students must take their medicine in the office. Students are not permitted to keep prescribed or over the counter drugs on their person. All medicines must be kept in the office.

A written statement from your doctor will be required for re-admittance. Any student returning to school on crutches, or with a cast, must be cleared to attend school by the health aide and by the principal.



For your safety, an Emergency Information Update Sheet will be sent home. This sheet will contain personal information, such as names and telephone numbers, whom to contact in an emergency, etc. It is extremely important for you to report any CHANGE OF INFORMATION to the office during the year. Only the adults whose names appear on this sheet will be allowed to have a contact with students at school.



Once you arrive at school in the morning, you are expected to walk to the blacktop area of the campus. You should remain on the hallways or the office area. Once students arrive at school, they should stay on the school grounds until dismissal at the end of the day.



Hawthorne Middle School is a closed campus, which means that students cannot leave the grounds until the close of school without the permission of the principal. This has been established for the safety of the students. Parents or adults authorized to pick up the student must sign out the student in the office in order for the student to leave campus early. Students will not be allowed to leave campus alone during the school day. They must be accompanied by an adult.



Many items are turned into the office and are never claimed. Please check the office for lost articles or clothing. Each year a large number of jackets and outerwear are left on the field during P.E. if the items are not collected within two months, they are donated to charity.



Students are responsible for their personal property. Walkman, iPods, radios, cameras, etc. should be left at home. If you must bring extra money to school, please take it to the office as soon as you arrive at school. Never leave money, a purse, or wallet unattended, and never handle another person's belongings.



To be excused from a class, a student must have their hall pass filled out completely in the assignment book and signed by a teacher. Students will be returned to class without a proper pass.



Restrooms are to be used during passing periods, before and after school, and lunch periods. Classroom teachers use discretionary restroom procedure and those procedures may differ from class to class depending on the teacher's plan.



Students are expected to be courteous at all times. Students will enter the assembly with their teacher and stay with their class. Each class will sit together during the programs.



We loan books to students. If students lose or damage books, they will be responsible for covering the cost of the book. So... PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOOKS! All fines for books must be paid to receive report cards, transfer papers, or eighth grade promotion certificate.